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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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where seven people were killed on monday. alex smith is joining in on the efforts to locate sierra lamar. it has been three weeks since her disappearance. a man accused of sex and assaulting three underage girls was arrested this morning, details and a minute. >>james: here is a quick look outside. cold temperatures is what we can expect. really cold, especially in the north bay. there is a frost advisory in effect. this afternoon, sunny and warm, a lot of '60s around the bay area. low-mid-60s into this evening, mild and dry. the weekend looks good at least for saturday. we do have changes in the mix for sunday. >>george: it is time for a quick commute check. it is of goodness.
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there are no hot spots. on the bay bridge, no delays westbound. around the bay you will find light traffic conditions to the east bay and on the south bay commute even 101 through the north bay into the right through the golden gate. >>justine: here is what is just into the kron4 is from. we have seen that jobs report showing us that the u.s. economy slowed in march by adding just one of the 20,000 jobs for the month of march. some thought that number would be closer to 200,000. this is far less than expected. also, the unemployment rate did fall, it is that a three-year low but experts are saying that the unemployment rate dipped mostly because more americans stopped looking for work. the markets are not open today, we will have to wait until monday to sell stocks react.
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>>darya: in east a campus remains close to four days after a school massacre but as you can see if they did let the families of the victims in. they're grateful to collect personal belongings of loved ones. it was a very difficult drive past the crime tape and into lucas university in oakland where seven people were killed. one of the teachers returned to campus as the kron4. >> i only had one bad. it was very difficult. i am filled with sadness. it has not gotten easier for anyone i have spoken with.
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>>will: it is still considered a crime scene four days after the massacre which is why you see yellow tape behind us. we understand that the school could be reopened within a day or two. the makeshift memorial continues to grow. there is a little bit of a little room.
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>>will: they still have not found the murder weapon, that is one key piece of evidence that they would like to have the prosecutor says they have so many witnesses they are able to build their case against the suspect. we will find out a little bit later if divers will be back out at the estuary
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searching or at the oakland police department. investigators would like to find it just in case someone accidentally runs across the handgun. for everyone's safety it would like to recover. >>mark: these were the seven people murdered in monday's school massacre.
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>>darya: it has now been in three weeks this morning some of the morgan hill teenager was last seen. sierra lamar disappeared on her way to school. here is video of search efforts from yesterday. crews did not find anything. at this point, all they are still looking at are the most recent discoveries which were about a week ago when they found a box labeled handcuffs and other possible evidence that they're still testing to see if it is any way connected to the case. volunteers will be surging again this weekend in morgan hill. >>craig: the search yesterday was the sheriff's department. people have been coming to burnett elementary to scour
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the area around the board and health. those efforts are going to continue tomorrow from 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.. here is video of the efforts last week through the line was literally around the building. hough it will also happen on wednesday as well. people who have time on the weekend are continuing to come out. it will hopefully have the same thing this weekend and they're trying to fan not alex smith and his wife, the quarterback for the san francisco 49ers and his wife will be here as well as other according to anderson. but helen allen smith was your last weekend as well. what he wanted to keeping low profile, doing whatever he could. there are people who are volunteering time for in
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morgan hill. as you can see in other parts of the area >>mark: we will be right back. the kron4 news. a live look outside as we're watching conditions on this cold friday morning. skies are just starting to britain. the main locations around the bay in the thirties this morning. the bay in the thirties this morning.
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>>darya: 6:10 a.m., we are focused on the weather. it is friday. you probably have plans. it looks like the weather is cool and to cooperate. in san jose is 41 right now. it is a cool day and it will be sunny later but only getting up to 64 in san jose but we're looking for a big warmup on saturday. >>mark: in it news around the safety, police are investigating the shooting death in fremont. one man allegedly insulted girls around fruitvale avenue.
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victims and witnesses say he approached his victims on foot and then committed sexual assaults. on wednesday witnesses saw at attached is called police. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the golden gate her it traffic is nice and light. we are waiting for the son to come up. will be right back. what about over here? sure. no problem. ♪
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>>darya: we wanted in the in the other. we are waiting for the son to come up. it looks totally clear out there. if costs >>james: all of the heat that we have yesterday it is radiated office space. it is a cold start, especially in the north bay. we have a pretty widespread serious thing degree weather. primarily in the north bay is where we are sinful temperatures. the national weather service has issued a frost advisers here. that is what we have to watch out for. until 8:00 a.m. with could see some interior valleys down into the upper 20s. he that in mind de
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>>james: we will have a theory but a chance of free
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will that could bring a decent amount of rain. let it adopted a traffic. >>george: things still look pretty good around the bay area. we are not tracking and hot spots or looking at marginally of slow traffic. full of its high mishit we have had no reports of and trouble because of the winter. for your ride on the san mateo for its looks good. there is a win advisory. if the tangible message sign has been activated in and put in place around the same time. the golden gate is still clear fretful marine county. denver's homeless lived at the day freeways. the 680 ride has no delays. 80 does not even show any slow traffic. 580 ride is sluggish through livermore and of course high
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with four after antioch. 101 is all agreed start this morning so is 101 to rain county with the drive times at 23 and from nevada to the golden gate bridge. if public transit, no problems or delays. >>darya: did this one is hough leon panetta is taking some costly trips to his north of california home. a new record highs that he had felt his home of more than two dozen times that the cost of $32,000 to the government for each trip. he has the floor and on a figure of airplanes because they have secured communications equipment. >> rough will make itself in the bay area today at a fund-raising luncheon in sentences " and then, a vehicle acne forever could last night picket useful for
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about federal debt, >> we have a system that if the what , for romney's still
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has three other competitors for republican operatives and companies it is confident that taking them it has been a long process in becoming the nominee, particularly when delegates are allocated on a proportional basis. i have for the twice as many delegates as anyone else in the race. given that fact and the fact we're making great progress in the states that remain, will become the nominee. >> recent polls of having a show that a mitt romney is driven santorum by two percentage points ahead of that state's primary. many analysts believe that if some form does not in their he may be forced to drop out of the race. >>justine: in austin tx a police officer has now been fatally shot at a wal-mart store. the officer was responding to a routine call about a drug me and in the store.
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workers at the loma had to hold the suspect down until officers arrived. fastest test is now in custody udf >>darya: in university of arkansas head football coach is now on paid administrative leave after revelations douglas the board is called a cycle accident than previously revealed. he told the media that no one else less salt in the accident on sunday in a connecticut record coat that he not yesterday, coors on an officer said that there was a passenger. the passenger was a 25 year- old newly hired female and fully. back he is recovering from several broken bones fallen a motorcycle crash. police said tassels on in. some >>mark: here is a live look upon the bay bridge were traffic is loosely. we will be right back.
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>>james: and the only activity we are talking ofs
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the roads are cloud 80 acting bill. hi unhusked >>mark: here is a live look from one of reconnaissance 18th before. tenders in the matter is the response.
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fifth defeat in a fog of, of 42, looking for a high of 62. that's new-line not really kicks in tomorrow. and it the more clouds on sunday and we did see if you rain showers especially in northern sonoma counties. if xi than >>darya: of the twin reactors have been sidelined. beauty is that carry radioactive water will have to be replaced. today's torque comes after the does the amount that they will remain dark of the utility officials fix the
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widespread problems with the reactors purify we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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maummar hummel we're getting or that the founder of oaks to dennis receive getting of ownership of this cleveland- based office this if he says it is time for others to takeover. the u.s. and are so isolated
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half the university on her monday. hayden's also raided his home. the purpose of the raids were not disclosed. half he has hoffa if called
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>>darya: which are back with more in a couple of minutes. i did it is a live look outside as the sun is started, that the golden gate. visibility you free of traffic is light. it how have house of hon apiece fell have and how and how of hence
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>>james: here is a live you out of one agreed. i do not gillian temperatures in the san ramon valley, livermore valley in napa valley. evil in santa rosa are
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seeing temperatures in the mid-30s. it is a cold start. frost advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m.. think cold start of the our headlines. down by noon kvass, a mostly sunny afternoon with highs in the '50s and '60s. let's take a quick look at where we expected to go. by noon mostly fifties. as we advance into later this afternoon we will see a number of cities and joining the list of 60 degrees. copper, livermore, san jose, santa rosa and napa. all of those locations as '65, '66. most locations in the was 66. temperatures right now are pretty cool. hot we are flight near freezing for nothing and fairfield. for right now in san jose. as we take a look at where temperatures will go this
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afternoon, we will fast- forward since we know we will be in the '60s come this afternoon. no rain for us. on sunday we will see clouds start to build or possibly rain drops near santa rosa. your easter sunday morning and afternoon should be all right if not a little bit cloudy. next week we have more of wet weather in bound. even into the end of april we have for rainy forecasts. your 7 day around vegas coming out. ha >>george: will have an accident they had the power for hot spot. it is reported as a minor crash but this has an ax this has cropped on the right northbound.
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the san mateo bridge is a quiet in the easy ride. it is still slower as he move out towards the high- rises future to the golden gate is a good one as well with southbound traffic living at the limit for almost the entire sphere flank of the marin county right. >>darya: new this morning, in second grade sold hawk was shot and killed by a pellet gun in san martine. the underwear which was shot in the test was found dead this week. veterinarians did not until
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the appellate from the number bird for leaving at the center with to restore a secure defensive for have a good chance of meaningful recovery. recently zombies are showing up on the freeway. stanley roberts 6 inland in this edition of people behaving badly.
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havana i noticed he had a fall in your lap and on and tell to this end. failing and the destructive drive and did not all will be testing were being on your cell phone. if anything that could take your eyes off the road and causing a collision. flat glass and state agencies are looking for distracted drivers and i can tell you, there are a lot out there like the driver of his car who not only reliable ally as with the iphone attached to her ear, all to meet an illegal left unturned. >> i got caught in the eating badly. who's who's your cellphone down when >>stanley: did not the is obviously it here first offense fit and of causing
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a $150 to test the effectiveness and cost some one half $300 a year if dos >>darya: the if you have a store, and lift phantom on our website or even >> the daughter of dj says the former vice to put into left rough assessment put of the high degree of steve was released from a when the steve kauffman unknown don't appear when she was half of them end of the flow after tandy country if dollars opening fifth fan at
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the cannes >>mark: does one game left at the state will a winner, the shards the kings' 6-5.
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if they were carried to other one more time, saturday night at the shark tank a heehaw the phoenix coyotes for also in the mix. keith >>darya: coming up, the families of the victims that would with university where it'll begin in to collect and belongings. it has been three weeks to the days since anyone has seen 15 year-old sierra lamar. forty-niners quarterback alex smith will be helping in the search again.
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qr more on a minute on the man accused of sexually assaulting three girls.
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